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Roll Your Own

Rolling Drizabone coat Diagram 1

Ensure your coat is completely free from moisture before storing. Not doing so will eventuate in a moldy coat.

To start, snap close all the press studs located on the front of the coat. Then lay the coat with the front facing up on a dry, clean, flat surface and press out the wrinkles.

Roll your driza-bone stockman's coat diagram 2 Now fold the sleeves into the centre of the coat at about 30° inside vertical. Start from the shoulder seam and make the sleeves overlap in the centre.
Roll up your Dry as a bone oilskin coat diagram 3 Next fold the two outside quarters of the coat into the centre, forming a long thin rectangle. Ensure the outside edges are touching, and not overlapping.
Roll your oilskin coat diagram 4 Now roll the coat up tightly. Start from the bottom of the coat, and proceed to work your way towards the top of the coat until you reach the cape.
Rolling your drizabone coat diagram 5 Finally, fold the cape around the roll, so the inside of the cape covers the roll completely.