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Free delivery on UK orders over £50
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Free delivery on UK orders over £50
Next day delivery from £7.50 - order before 3.45pm

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Company Profile

Webury.com - the well-established family-run rural retailers of Hatfield, Herefordshire are about to field their fifteenth year. Webury.com still has its sights set on the importance of friendly one-to-one customer service - a benchmark for excellence and further foundation for another fifteen years at the top.

Successfully run by husband, wife and daughter combo: Tim, Trish and Lucy - the close-knit family of Kreye's are living proof that big smoke starts with the sticks.

Their green-fingered dedication to quality country lifestyle products means nobody's left red faced either - as Webury.com is firmly dedicated to passionately delivering the joys of the country to village, town and city doorsteps alike, in a guaranteed 24-hours.

Whether crazy about kitchens and coffee, devoted to design or simply a country child at heart, Webury.com has got it all.

With an exciting, and somewhat extravagant, range of socks, boots, jackets, hats, pots, pans, frothers, grinders and terracotta salt pigs - Webury.com is evidently elbows knees and toes above the rest. Shopping for excellence: It's never been easier.

Whether quizzing the friendly family team over the phone, or buying exclusively online through a highly secure website, you'll always be safe in the knowledge that you are placing an order to remember.

Why not visit Webury.com for yourself, to see what all the fuss is about - and check out the full range of product-packed websites, personal to your everyday country-living needs.

PR Contacts

Webury.com has a broad spectrum of products spanning huge areas, and so you can rely on us for having the perfect product for your feature.

Webury.com can supply high-resolution images, product samples and full specifications of any product that you have seen on webury.com (we can also do it very quickly!!)

For general queries regarding webury.com and any of its products please contact Tel: 01568 760101 alternatively please eMail info@webury.com


Image Request

We can supply high-resolution images of all of our products and logo's.

Please eMail info@webury.com outlining your requirements.

Telephone 0800 083 6418
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