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Women's Neoprene Wellies

When the temperature starts to drop, it’s time to pull out your neoprene-lined wellington boots. Neoprene wellies are perfect for those looking to spend time outdoors during the winter months.

Designed for subzero temperatures and wet weather, the insulating properties of these women’s neoprene wellies will keep your legs and feet warm and dry. And the cushiony neoprene in these insulated wellington boots will feel like a comforting hug for your feet.

We at Webury have carefully selected premium neoprene wellies from Aigle, Ariat, Le Chameau and The Original Muck Boot Company.



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Women’s Insulated Wellies FAQs

Are neoprene wellies worth it?

With their wonderful insulation and comfortable lining, neoprene wellies are well worth it, especially if you like to spend time outdoors during the cold winter months.

Are neoprene wellies too warm?

The introduction of neoprene lining in wellies means that these shows can keep your feet and legs nice and toasty, even in temperatures as low as -15°C. Whether these shoes are too warm will be totally dependent on you and your environment.

If you are a person who tends to get hot easily and lives in an area where the temperature doesn’t dip below, say, 20°C, then you might find these shoes a little too warm for your liking.

What is the advantage of neoprene wellies?

Neoprene wellies offer the added benefit of being more durable in comparison to normal rubber. Neoprene is also completely waterproof, and the material is flexible and comfortable.

Do you go size bigger or smaller with wellies?

Most of the time, wellington boots' sizing doesn’t differ from normal footwear, so you can stick to your usual size. However, if you’re buying winter wellies for your kids, then it's advisable to buy one size up so that they can grow into them.

How waterproof is neoprene?

Neoprene is a synthesised rubber that’s typically used to make wetsuits. Neoprene is completely waterproof, making it the ideal material to use in shoes that are meant to be worn in cold, wet weather.

What are the Neoprene Muck Boots like?

Muck Boots are big players in the world of neoprene wellington boots, with many of their boots featuring comfort ratings suitable for extreme temperatures as low as -40°C. In addition, they feature binding around the top to keep that warmth in and are great boots for working on the farm or outdoors through the winter months.

Should I try the Aigle neoprene women's wellies?

The Parcours 2 ISO are top-of-the-range warm-lined wellies for walking. The neoprene is 4.5mm thick (thicker than you’ll find in other models), the kind of warmth that feels like that first sip of hot tea on a damp winter’s day.