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Free delivery on UK orders over £50
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Shooting Sock Garter Flashes

Shooting socks and garters go together and compliment one another... a bit like fish and chips!  A sock garter can transform even the plainest of socks or add that extra finishing touch to a patterned pair.

We have put together a selection of garters in colours that we think will match or compliment most shooting socks.  With this in mind we have included plain garters with two tone and even three tone fringes.  

Shooting garters were originally born out of necessity to keep shooting socks from falling down but have now become as much about decoration in their own right. For those who would rather not tie a garter, there are a range of ‘easy garters’ available in a selection of new colours and designs for this season, they simply velcro close under the turnover top of your shooting socks to add the look without the hassle.

These ingenious little ties have been known by many name including tassels, ties, flashes, fringes etc. and whatever you choose to call them, we’re sure you’ll find the ones you’re looking for right here.

If you’d like further help choosing the right Garters for Shooting Socks, do not hesitate to contact a member of the team who would be more than happy to assist.

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